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MARDUK · Viktoria Latin America 2018

MARDUK · Viktoria Latin America 2018 A week ago we had already finished Marduk · Viktoria Latinamerican tour. The final show in Mexico City had a huge emotional load and the band hit the stage full of a mix of feelings. (This shot was taken right before the show began). The show was apotheosis and of course, the crowd knew all the negative circumstances that we had to face during almost one month around the continent, so the feedback between the audience and band was unique !!! I heard from some people that maybe this tour could be considered as the most controversial Latin American tour in Black Metal history. Really doesn't' matter. But it was impressive to see how the biggest media in some countries were talking about MARDUK in the headliners. We received tons of requests for interviews to talk "about the situation", even from the media from USA and Europe.  But it was totally crazy to see how a bunch of "important" politicians fought against us. The national congress of 2 countries !!! The poisoned mix between politicians plus religion did its job.  In the end, we shouted VIKTORIA in 9 cities !!!  Thanks to all the 15 promoters involved who did their best to the shows happen. I can say too many things, I can even write a book and I'm not kidding, but at this point just I wanna say that MARDUK will come back to Latin America in the future but it is not clear when. War ain't over !!! 

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