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WATAIN · Trident - Wolf - Eclipse Latin America 2019

Every show of WATAIN it's a unique experience and I can swear that these guys are completely involved in their lyrics and philosophy.   If you wanna understand what Black Metal is you need to attend for at least one time in your life to a WATAIN gig.  The Latin America tour was a successful run, we did 13 gigs around South (Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Perú, Colombia), Central (Costa Rica) and North America (Mexico). We wanna thank every single people for supporting the band and of course to all the promoters and their local crews. It was a giant job every night.  The Swedish mayhem devasted all !!! Hail again to everyone and beware for the return of the almighty Swedish spirits to our ancestral lands !!! To the death !!!

February 3, 2019

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