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Actualizado: 28 oct 2019

Latin America 2019

Respect until the eternity

One of the firsts reasons to become to a Tour Manager / Booking agent was the motivation to meet and enjoy face to face with my favorites musicians around the globe. The last tour with Rotting Christ it's a new achievement conquered in my personal goals.  Dispite this was our second tour together - the first one was Rituals - I enjoyed this like the first one.  I wanna say thank you to my bloodbrothers Sakis & Themis to all the golden moments that we spent. Respect until the eternity !!! Thanks to my new greek bros Stamatis & Giannis and of course to my brother from the Netherlands, the awesome Oscar behind the PA. Thanks to all the promoters involved in this tour, thanks to all the local crews and thanks to all the dedicated Rotting Christ fans around the continent who attended to the shows with a massive feedback. This tour was a succesfull because of you. NON SERVIAM Latin America!

June 22, 2019.

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